How To Build And Grow Your Dream Team

I’m going to share the strategies I’ve used as I grow Team RG and create my own “Dream Team” to help you get it right first time.

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As an ambitious business owner are you stretching yourself too thin? Most small business owners and entrepreneurs quickly discover that they can’t grow their business without the support of at least 1 or 2 good team members.

What’s stopping you from taking that next step and building or growing your team?

Have you already been through the recruitment process and had team members come on board and they’ve not been what you expected, maybe they haven’t stuck around very long and you aren’t sure why. According to Glassdoor, it can cost an average of £3,000 to hire and train a new team member, so getting it right the first time will not only save you money but also your very valuable time.


✔ How having a strategic and well thought out hiring process saves you time and money

✔ The hiring process that works for me and my clients time and time again

✔ How to structure a job description that calls to your ideal candidate and repels the wrong ones – we shall walk through the creation of this together with real life examples

✔ A VERY important candidate distinction that I don’t see anyone else talking about, and why it is critical to finding the right person for your role

✔ Where to place your job description so the right people find it

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A Note from Rachael

Having hired, managed and fired hundreds of people over the years, and even leading the recruitment and training strategy for my department in my last corporate role (I had to triple the size of the department to 120+ in 18 months), I have learnt A LOT about how to do this effectively.


Building a team is one of the most impactful things you can do for your business – it can also be one of the most daunting ones too.  I understand that and if you are willing to invest a little of your time I can give you the strategies, tools and tips to save you time, money and build your best team.  


My goal for you at the end of this Masterclass is that you find that “How did I ever live without them?!” right hire – because I promise you, they do exist!


See you there!

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