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Client Management Bundle

ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED to increase your efficiency and support within your client systems while creating an amazing client experience!

The Details


Losing out on converting hot leads?
Tired of how long these processes take?

Client Management is crucial to happy clients (a.k.a. retention!) and generating referrals, too! We want to not only set you up with a seamless system, but one that gives team members everything they need to complete client tasks on time and nothing critical gets missed.

Bottom line: You need to have systems SO solid that keep clients moving in and through your business with ease - even if you aren’t around (take that holiday already!)

Built by a systems expert, the Client Management Bundle has every template you could possibly need to increase your efficiency and support within your client systems.


Operations and team business consultant working on laptop with standard operating procedure SOP

Who is this for?

You’re a done-for-you business owner or online coach who…

Wants to systemise your client management processes in order to increase your efficiency and support in the delegation of your client management processes to a team, either now or in the future. 

Knows you need systemisation, but aren’t at the stage where you’re ready to hire an OBM. Not to mention, you don’t want to/don’t know how to start building your systems completely from scratch!

Is newer to the online business world and feels overwhelmed by all the moving parts with client management. You want a one-stop shop to get everything systems they need to set your business up for scalability and success!

Dreads client onboarding and offboarding tasks because it is such a time suck and you know your clients aren’t getting the best experience as a result.

What's included?


– Client & Lead Management ClickUp folder

– Client Intake Forms ClickUp folder

– Client Feedback/Testimonial ClickUp folder


– A walkthrough video for how to create a Client Management Dashboard in ClickUp

– Client Tasks ClickUp folder

– Swipe copy & Canva assets


– Services Guide Canva Template

– Client Proposal Canva Template

– Client Welcome Pack Canva Template

– Client Offboarding Pack Canva Template


– Client Intake Form Airtable base

– Client Feedback/Testimonial Airtable base

– 2 intake forms & 3 testimonial request form examples


– Client Onboarding Standard Operating Procedure Template

– Client Offboarding Standard Operating Procedure Template

– Swipe copy for onboarding and offboarding email templates


– Client Onboarding (Dubsado to ClickUp) Zap

– Dubsado Canva Asset Graphics

What past customers have said...

I knew I wasn’t utilising my systems to their full potential and that I was missing out on opportunities to streamline my business and make my life easier, but I didn’t know how to solve this. I felt like my ClickUp in particular was disorganised and things were slipping through the net as a result.

There is SO much information in these bundles – you don’t just get the title of the task you should be doing but also information within that task on how to carry it out – template swipe copy and even links to specific systems videos so you are never left lost not knowing what needs to be done! I have never seen templates as thorough as this!

My processes are now so streamlined, which not only saves me so much time, but I have so much extra headspace not having to worry about missing things and it was SO much easier to implement than I imagined it would be. If I were to have tried to set these systems up myself from scratch, it would have been to a lower standard and I estimate it would have taken me or my VA at least 20 hours to do. Instead, I was able to spend only around 2 hours for a much better result!


  • How do I purchase?

    Just click the link here or any of the other “Buy Now” buttons on this page and you will be redirected to a checkout page. Enter your details and you will be directed to a thank you page - you can download your PDF straight from that page that contains all of the links to the templates, your training videos and a step-by-step guide for implementing them.

    You will also receive 2 emails, one with a copy of your invoice for your records and a second with another link to your PDF document for your safekeeping.

    You will also receive 2 emails, one with a copy of your invoice for your records and a second with another link to your PDF document for your safekeeping.

  • Do I need to pay for the systems in order to use this bundle?

    All templates can be used on the free versions of the associated software. However, the ClickUp templates will have a maximum task usage within the free plan as we use custom fields in them and you can only use up to 100 before you will need to upgrade your account.

  • Can't I just create all this myself?

    Sure! I am pretty damn good with my systems though, and these templates have been a year in the works, with dozens of iterations I have tried, tested and tweaked in both mine and my client’s businesses over that time to create the suite of versatile base templates I am sharing with you in this bundle.

    Even if you are pretty good with building systems and designing workflows yourself, it will still take you much longer to build these from scratch than to use this bundle -  and then you have to go through the testing process - these templates will allow you to skip so much of that and save yourself lots of time!

  • How long will it take me to get set up?

    This will vary depending on several factors, but this is designed to be a very comprehensive bundle. There are a total of 62 minutes of training videos (10 in total) included - depending on your familiarity with the software you may or may not need to watch these. If you were to watch all the training videos, import them all and do a basic level of customisation, you would be looking at around 2.5 hours.

    If you have a lot of data to import, this time will increase.

  • I'm a tech novice - is it difficult to install the software?

    Don’t worry, I have you covered! All of the ClickUp and Airtable templates have custom made video tutorials included to show you how to import, use and customise them. Both platforms have great training resources and customer service support on how to use the platforms themselves and if you have any specific questions about the templates, we have a client care team available for you at support@rachaelgunn.com to help you!

  • What is your refund policy?

    I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but I also want you to give your best effort to implement and use all of the templates and training provided. While we do NOT provide a guarantee, we do offer a 14-day refund for purchases from the Systems to Swipe shop. In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you implemented the templates provided and they did not work for you.

    In the event that you have not been able to get any results from the product you purchased and implemented, please contact our client care team at support@rachaelgunn.com within the first 14 days from the date you purchased your bundle and let us know if you would like a refund.

    With your request for a refund, you must include evidence that you implemented the templates. Requests for refunds will not be granted if this is not included.

    We will NOT provide refunds for purchases made more than 14 days from the date of purchase.

Only £297