The Hiring & Team Management Bundles

A comprehensive template and resource library for business owners to build autonomous, high performing and culturally aligned teams with low attrition in order to create a truly scalable and sustainable business.


It’s time to build that “I don’t know how I ran my business without you” dream team

You know the one that you’ve imagined but haven’t quite convinced yourself is actually possible for you –  the team that are a joy to work with, operate autonomously, perform to a consistently high standard and are happy and fulfilled in their roles. The ones that you can trust implicitly to do the things in your business that you don’t have the skills to do, or simply just don’t want to do anymore.

Is not having the support you crave stealing the life you envisioned for yourself when you set up your business?

You’ve tried hiring before but were left “underwhelmed” to say the least. Somehow it didn’t seem to actually take anything off your plate, only now you had to find the time to also manage a team member and you’re asking yourself the question “why am I even busier?”.

You found yourself constantly redoing work your team member had done because it wasn’t up to your standards leaving you with that constant nagging thought in the back of your head “this is just quicker if I do it myself” and wondering what on earth the ROI is on your investment.

You’re dreading hiring again because of the amount of TIME it takes, caught in a loop of constantly repeating the same information over and over again to every new starter that comes through the door.

You’ve been left wondering if you’ll ever find someone who can hit your standards, whether you’ll ever have a business that can operate without your constant presence, or are you just doomed to be this busy forever? Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that you can make it work without team members and that you’ll wake up one day and your workload will *magically* become more manageable.

Operations and team business consultant working on laptop with standard operating procedure SOP
Operations and team business consultant working on a laptop

You deserve to have joy in your business.

You deserve to be able to have control on your schedule and not work 7364783264 hours to keep it all running – that is so NOT why you started your business, right?

Having a stable and capable team is a key element in creating this.

Let me guess…

You’ve tried hiring from Facebook groups, using recommendations from your friends and even the ones who’s Instagram content is SO perfect and promised the world….but the result hasn’t been the same.

You know you must be missing something because companies are born and grow every day, right? So what gives here?

Question….if there was a way for you to go from where you are now to...

  • ✔ Great fit team members that you can actually rely on to get things done consistently and to a high standard
  • ✔ A clear strategy for your team culture, recruitment and management processes that align with your business vision and goals
  • ✔ Being able to take time off and not have everything just grind to a halt
  • ✔ Falling back in love with your business by doing the things you truly love and delegating the rest with confidence
  • ✔ Enhancing your businesses reputation because the people that work with/for you rave about you and your company
  • Building unshakeable trust with your team
  • ✔ Reducing the amount of time it takes to hire, onboard and manage your team
  • ✔ Having the resource to be able to scale and consistently generate revenue without it feeling like the wheels are going to fall off the bus any second
  • ✔ Retaining team members for long periods of time, keeping their knowledge and value in the company and reducing your hiring costs
  • ✔ Having the foundations to be able to effectively and a efficiently lead a team
  • ✔ Confidence in hiring, onboarding, managing and offboarding your team

….would anything stand in your way?


The Hiring & Team Management Bundles

The strategy, framework and processes to finally build that highly effective team

A team that aligns with your values and ways of working, that performs consistently to a high standard while ACTUALLY reducing your workload, so you can (gasp) take those breaks you’ve been craving and get some mental whitespace to focus on doing the things you love in your business.

Because being that business owner that has a beautiful work/life balance, space to strategise and lead isn’t just for those with passive offers.

The key to unlocking it is a successful team.

Hiring Bundle

Hiring Masterclass where we cover:

Who & when to Hire
What you need to have in place before you hire
The strategy and top tips behind ALL of the templates we provide you below

Hiring Assets

Job description template
Application forms
→ Interview packs and scoring matrix for the 9 roles listed below (27 templates in total)

• Operations Manager
• Operations Coordinator
• Executive Assistant
• Client Success Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Social Media Assistant
• Copywriter

• Web Designer
• Graphic Designer

→ Interview Scoring Matrix template

Automated application and interview system that will save you HOURS

→ ClickUp version
→ Airtable and ActiveCampaign version (with Zapier template)

Email Templates

for every stage of the hiring process

Hiring Standard Operating Procedure


Guide to where to advertise for your new hire

Profit Margin Calculator

to calculate what budget makes sense to pay your new hire

Guide to where to advertise for your new hire

depending on your hiring strategy

Team Pay Calculator

to establish your budget for a new team member, plus tools to establish fair pay and client rates

Walkthrough videos

for how to implement and customise your assets


Team Management Bundle


Plug-and-play team onboarding system that will save you HOURS and ensures your new team member is set up for success, without draining your time (in 3 formats: ClickUp template, CSV import for your preferred project management system and Google Doc checklist)
Team Onboarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 
Company Handbook: your new team member’s bible on the essential information about your company, ways-of-working, expectations and key processes.
Password Management Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): essential in protecting your (and your clients’ data)
Time Tracking Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): to provide you with valuable data on your ROI for tasks and protect your profit margins : to provide you with valuable data on your ROI for tasks and protect your profit margins

Team Management

A Team Management System that will save you HOURS – your bible to stay on top of the admin that comes with managing a team (in 3 formats: ClickUp template, CSV import for your preferred project management system and Google Doc checklist). Includes:

• Team Calendar
• Recurring admin tasks for your team and you to perform to keep everything running smoothly
• Team database so you never forget their birthday or work anniversary!

Role scorecards: to support high performance from your team members and provide them valuable feedback in a structured and easy-to-follow manner
Team Feedback Form: to see how your team rate the working environment, check they are happy and what opportunities they can spot
Difficult conversation scripts: which come with the territory of managing a team!


Plug-and-play team offboarding system that will save you HOURS and protect your business data (in 3 formats: ClickUp template, CSV import for your preferred project management system and Google Doc checklist) 
Team Offboarding Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 
Team Offboarding Feedback Form: an incredible opportunity to get obtain feedback about what’s going well and where the opportunities for improvement are 
Offboarding Email Templates: to ensure clear communication and contract compliance


Not sure if the bundles are for you?

If two or more resonate with you, THEY ARE!

•  You’re overworked and overwhelmed and know that understanding how to create and leverage a highly effective team is key to growth (whatever that looks like to you) while keeping your sanity intact

•  Hiring, onboarding and managing your team takes you so much TIME (that, lets face it, you don’t have)

•  You always feel that your team never do things as well as you

You can’t shake that feeling that it’s going to take more time to communicate with and manage a team member then it would for you to actually just do the tasks yourself

You feel like you are endlessly repeating yourself when someone new comes on board and even then, things aren’t done to the standard you want

You aren’t attracting or you are struggling to identify the team members that are a great fit for you in in the recruitment process

Your recruitment strategy currently consists of whoever’s Instagram profile looks the best, that referral from your friend or vague and desperate pleas in a Facebook group, usually post 9pm and after a particularly horrific day

Team members don’t tend to stick around for long, either they leave or you let them go

You don’t know what a strategic hiring, onboarding and team management system looks like and you definitely don’t have the time to figure it out

You don’t know how to leverage systems to improve the quality and consistency of their hiring, onboarding, team management, offboarding processes and reduce the amount of time it takes to perform these processes

You are worried they are getting ROI out of their team but aren’t sure how to measure this

You aren’t ready to invest in high level consultancy, but need some support in creating an effective team

Hi, I’m Rachael

Having hired, managed and fired hundreds of people over the years, including leading the recruitment and training strategy for the logistics and supply chain department in my last corporate role for one of the UK’s largest supermarkets (I had to triple the size of the department to 120+ in 18 months), I have learnt A LOT about how to do this effectively.

Our operations consultancy now works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to create and implement efficient and effective hiring, onboarding and management processes as part of their overall business operations.

Challenges in these areas are often rooted in a lack of clear strategy, communication and structure, resulting in:

→ Wrong fit team members being hired
→ New hires not being given the tools, training and support to perform their job autonomously and to a consistently high standard
→ Business owners being disappointed by the standard of work being done leading to that “no one can do it better than me” mentality
→ A lack of scalability because the company desperately needs high quality, consistent resource to facilitate it
→ Business owners being unable to retain team members and so end up in a constant cycle of hiring, overwhelm and stunted growth
→ A string of team members leaving that have a less than great impression of your company (something that is often overlooked, your reputation isn’t just created by your clients!)

These template packs are the ones we work from with our consultancy clients – they are NOT your run-of-the-mill resources that we knocked up in a few days. They are strategically thought out to give you the foundational resources and knowledge to be able to build a highly successful team for a fraction of the price of our 1:1 services.

Our team hiring and team management tips and strategies have been shared in…..

Are you excited yet?

Hiring Bundle


Team Management Bundle


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Are you ready to make a decision?​

To take action towards the life you want? It's time to stop sitting on the fence and start making things happen.

  • There are only two options here – either a yes or a no. Personally, I like to think things through before making a decision. I weigh all my options before making any purchases. 

    But when I know something is good for me, I still contemplate it some more. It’s like going to the gym and eating healthy – you know you have to do it, but it’s not always easy.

    However, I’ve learned that sitting on a decision for too long can lead to never taking action. We all have to take action in order to make progress. Even doing nothing is still taking action.

    Yes, it can be scary. Yes, it can be hard. But remember, nothing worth having comes easy.

    You deserve the best, and sometimes that means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. So, what action will you take today? Will you finally commit to that gym membership or healthy eating plan? Will you make that phone call you’ve been putting off? Or will you take the first step to creating a successful team and claiming back your time to live the life you actually imagined? Whatever it is, do it with confidence and determination.

    And if you’re not quite ready yet, that’s okay too. Just know that I’m here cheering you on every step of the way. You’ve got this!

Hiring Bundle


Team Management Bundle


Want both?

No problem, grab them both below and save over 15%!

And what if this doesn’t work for me?

We’ve got a risk free 14-day refund policy!

These templates are designed to aid you in implementing strategic and efficient hiring, team onboarding, management and offboarding processes.
If you do not find the templates and resources helpful within 14 days of receipt, just shoot us an email and as long as you can demonstrate that you that you took the time to implement them, then we’ll send you a full refund.

Have questions?

If your question isn’t answered here, send us an email on support@rachaelgunn.com 

  • I just have a Virtual Assistant for a few hours a week, do I really need this?
    It doesn’t matter if your team member is a contractor doing 5 hours a week for you, or a full-time employee - hiring, onboarding and managing contractors is just as important as it is for employees. There is a common misconception that because they are a contractor/freelancer, that you can spend less time on this and it just isn’t true. There are some fundamental basics that need to be covered regardless of the contract type or number of hours they will work for you in a week.
  • Who would these bundles NOT work for?
    These templates and resources are unlikely to work for you if:
    • • You can’t find the time to implement them
    • • You don’t have a team and aren’t planning on having one
    • • You are looking to hire an agency rather than a core team member
    • • You have embedded, pre-existing issues with team culture
    • • You need more more done-with-you or done-for-you style support, rather than DIY
  • What happens when I purchase the bundle?
    You will be sent an email immediately upon purchase with details of how to log into your portal and access your assets.

    Check out the short, welcome video giving you a tour of the portal and then do ahead and download and customise the assets you need!
  • Do I need to pay for the systems in order to use this bundle?
    The ClickUp and Airtable templates will work in the free versions of each tool, but will lose some capability as they leverage some features that are only available in the paid plans.

    If opting for the Airtable and ActiveCampaign version of the application and hiring system, you will need paid plans for both ActiveCampaign and Zapier.

    Using a different email marketing software instead of Active Campaign? We show you in the associated walkthrough video how to adapt the template to work with alternate email marketing providers (Zapier integration must be supported).
  • How much time do I need to commit to get everything set-up?
    The templates and resources are designed for you to pull from when you need them. 

    To get the best possible outcome, we recommend sitting down and implementing each individual section (hiring, onboarding, management and offboarding) in one sitting. Each of the four sections is designed for you to be able to watch the training videos and implement in 1/1.5 hours, depending on the size of your existing team and how far you want to deviate from the suggested processes in the templates.

    We suggest working through one section a week for 4 weeks.
operations consultant tips to effectively communicate to your clients
  • How long do I have access to the bundle?
    For as long as we sell it. If we do ever decide to discontinue it, we will give you 6 months notice to download everything out of your portal.

    You will also have access to any future updates for free.
  • How is this bundle different from other team management and hiring templates?
    We have worked with clients to structure operations and hire and manage their teams that have featured in TedX, Forbes and Thrive Global and are generating annual revenue of up to £5 million+ a year.

    We have on-the-ground, lived experience in hiring, management and leadership of hundreds of people over the last decade, both in corporate and creative industries. These templates and resources have been created as a direct result of this experience.
  • What formats does each template come in?
    We have created different versions of our assets wherever possible for flexibility. We have listed out the format of each asset in this table. Please note that where using the CSV imports, it may not have the same capability as the ClickUp templates, it depends on the features available in your chosen project management software.

    If you are looking for templates for a specific tool, or if a different format would be more useful for you, please do let us know at support@rachaelgunn.com as we want them to be as versatile as possible - we look to integrate feedback wherever possible for future updates of the bundle.
  • I’m a tech novice, is it difficult to install the templates?
    Don’t worry, we have you covered! All of the ClickUp, Airtable, Zapier and ActiveCampaign  templates have dedicated video tutorials included to show you how to import, use and customise them. The Google Docs/Google Sheets/PDFs have a combination of written context and video tutorials depending on the level of knowledge required to use the template. 

    All the tech platforms we recommend have great training resources and customer service support on how to use the platforms themselves and if you have any specific questions about the templates, you can shoot us an email at support@rachaelgunn.com and we’ll get back to you.
  • What’s your refund policy?
    We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to implement and use all of the templates and training provided. While we do not provide a guarantee, we do offer a 14-day refund.. In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you implemented the templates provided and they did not work for you.

    In the event that you have not been able to get any results from the product you purchased and implemented, please contact us at support@rachaelgunn.com within the first 14 days from the date you purchased your bundle and let us know if you would like a refund.

    With your request for a refund, you must include evidence that you implemented the templates. Requests for refunds will not be granted if this is not included.

    We will not provide refunds for purchases made more than 14 days from the date of purchase.

Hiring Bundle


Team Management Bundle


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