Team Management Bundle

all the tools you need to recruit and train superstar team members that are the perfect fit and increase all-around efficiency with the hiring process.

Investment: $249

Introductory offer only $149

The Details

The thought of hiring and managing your first team member can be overwhelming.

Where to start, how to make sure it’s the right fit, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident with their role – much like any undertaking in your business, it isn’t one to take lightly.

Or, maybe you already have a team in place but delegating hasn’t been the easiest for you - you know it’s time to change that so you aren’t doing everything and are actually using the people you brought in to help you grow your business.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you execute the hiring and training processes in a way that sets both you and your new team member up for success.

The Team Management Bundle has all of the tools you need to recruit and train superstar team members that are the perfect fit and increase all-around efficiency with the hiring process.

These templates are also going to serve you in restructuring your business operations to facilitate delegation, give visibility of when and how tasks are being completed in real time, and ensure your team has everything they need to complete tasks to a high standard.

Who is this for?

You’re a done-for-you business owner or online coach who…

Wants to systemise their team management processes in order to increase efficiency, as well as recruit and train team members who fit seamlessly into your business.
Knows you need systems but aren’t at the stage where you’re ready to hire an OBM. You also don’t want to/don’t know how to start building your systems completely from scratch!

Is ready to scale from a one-woman band jobbie and know you need to hire their first team member to do so…but have no idea how you need to restructure your operations to accommodate the expansion and set up your new team member for success in their new role.

Has a team already, but feels like you’re still doing the majority of the work yourself because you’re not utilising your team as well as you could be. You’re worried that your team won’t be able to perform tasks and take on responsibilities to the highest standard.

What's included?

Walkthrough loom videos and/or written instructions on how to utilise and personalise each template are included.

Systems to Swipe FAQs

  • Do I need to pay for the systems in order to use this bundle?

    Yes and no. All of these templates can be imported and used in the free version of the system it’s designed for (ClickUp, Dubsado, Canva and Zapier). 

    However, each platform (excluding Canva) has a “capacity” you can use before you need to upgrade to a paid version so, over time, it is likely you will need to upgrade to continue using all the functionality that these templates provide.

  • Can't I just create all this myself?

    Sure! I am pretty damn good with my systems though, and these templates have been almost a year in the works, with dozens of iterations I have tried, tweaked and tested in both mine and my client’s businesses over that time. 

    Even if you are pretty good with building systems and designing workflows yourself, it will still take you much longer to build these from scratch.

  • How long will it take me to get set up?
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  • I'm a tech novice - is it difficult to install the software?
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  • What is your refund policy?
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  • Investment: $249

    Introductory offer only $149